Meet the Artist & Founder of Anayansi Artworks

Anayansi Artworks is a one woman show that was founded in 2019 by Amanda Jones. Anayansi Artworks is centered around making and selling handmade pottery, however as the business continues to grow there will be different products available. 
The name Anayansi comes from my mother's middle name who's name after a indigenous princess from Panama. I wanted the name of my brand to mean something special to me and to be unique. I found Anayansi to be a beautiful uncommon name, also I get the added benefit of teaching people a little bit of my mother's heritage. 

I started as a painter in college. I Majored with a BFA in arts at the University of Central Florida.  When I graduated I found my passion in clay. I switched from fine art galleries to doing craft shows and I loved meeting clients and selling my art. In ceramics I love how versatile and functional it can be, in addition to being extremely artistic. I genuinely love drawing and painting but now my art can also be functional. It's the best of both worlds. I hope to make someone's day just a magical as it was to make each piece of pottery. My goal is to continue growing as an artist, as well as, making new and exciting products to sell with my artistic vision. 

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